How to choose a bento lunch box for kids?
My daughter decided this year that she doesn’t want school lunches. Fair enough for me, only that mom has to find a way to give some healthy and spoil-proof lunches for school. This is harder than you think when you have a rather fussy eater. My search brought me to bento boxes and bento school… (0 comment)

Monster High Backpacks For Girls
Monster High Backpacks For Girls: A Cool Back To School Backpack For Girls! Ok, so your daughter or niece is a fun Monster High and you don’t know what to buy for Christmas? Why don’t you buy her a Monster High Backpack. They are relatively inexpensive, below $30 in most cases, plus she can use… (0 comment)

Best Home Remedies For Head Lice, Eggs and Nits
Everyone Can Catch Head Lice! Head Lice? It can happen to anyone, especially if you have school kids. Using home remedies for head lice is not only recommended, but after spending hundreds of dollars of shampoos and other head lice treatments, you will also find out that they are the only one guaranteed to work.… (0 comment)

Ever After High Dolls Names
Who are Ever After Dolls? This is a new series produced by Mattel as a continuation of Monster High Dolls. Ever After are the daughters and sons of famous airy tales characters that most of us parents and children have been grown up too. The role of characters is to continue the legacy of their… (0 comment)

Best Pororo Toys For Kids
Pororo and Friends Toys Pororo toys and games are not well known in US, yet they are they are very popular with kids from Asian countries and UK. A korean production, it has become a huge hit and kids love Pororo and his friends: Loopy, Eddie, Poby, Crong and Petti . Well, at least my… (0 comment)

Monster High Dolls Names List
Monster High: What is it? Monster High Dolls are a popular doll series created by Mattel. It features Monster High School and centers around the life of the daughter of some famous children characters: Dracula, Yetti, Wolf Man, Frankstein and others. Most of these girls are in their teens.Looking for the latest Monster High Dolls?… (0 comment)

Which Toddler Toys To Buy This Christmas? Coming Christmas is a busy time, especially if you are looking for buying toys, be it for toddlers, babies or preschoolers. Let’s not forget the bigger kids as well. There are so many choices when it comes to toddler toys that you may feel lost, especially if you… (0 comment)

Best Octonauts Toys For Pre-School Kids
Kids Love Octonauts Toys And Games My kids love Octonauts and anything to do with them, either toys or games or books. Since watching them on Cbeebies, I often heard them saying “To The Rescue” in my home. Hence, they ask for Octonauts toys to pretend play at home. The Gups Series is great for… (0 comment)

How To Choose A Christening Gown For Your Baby Girl? Christening your child is a major event in your and child’s life. Choosing the best christening dress for your little girl is essential not only for looking good in pictures, but also for the smooth christening ceremonial. You don’t want your baby or toddler to… (0 comment)

Best Christmas Toys For Babies
Top Toys For Baby This Christmas Most of parents have a rough idea of which toys to buy for their baby on Christmas. It’s not the same if you have to give a Christmas present for a baby and you don’t know which one to buy. Below I compiled a list of the best Christmas… (0 comment)