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How To Get Rid Of House Gnats?

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Best Ways To Eliminate Gnats In Your Home

When it comes to getting rid of gnats the best thing is to try to to find out where they come from. Do you have gnats in the kitchen? Is the whole house full of them or just the bedroom? Most of the time, gnats thrive in wet, dumpy areas. They grow very fast on rotten areas as well.Other times, they come from down the sink, so a good idea is to pour a mixture of ammonia and water down the drain.If you have pets, particularly dogs, then you are bound to have gnats and flies problems. The good news is that there are lots of methods to get rid of them from your house.

GoGnats For Fungus Gnats

If your gnats problem comes from potted plants, then this poison free gnats treatment is all you need. It’s way more efficient than sprays and it can be used for other house pests as well. No need to throw away your plants, please.

How To Get Rid Of Gnats and Flies?

There are mainly two ways to get rid of gnats yourself: buy a spray or use home devices made yourself. Using a spray for gnats is as easy as it sounds. Some people may fear that those are toxic, especially if they have children. Nowadays, you can purchase Eco sprays that do not contain any chemicals.


How to get rid of gnats yourself?

If these little buggers disturb you in the kitchen, you can make them a trap device. You can simply put a bowl with food covered with a plastic. This plastic you must make little holes in it. So, when gnats enter inside and make their eggs, the little ones cannot go out. Make sure to change the plastic every few days.

Lavender Oil For Gnats

One little home remedy for eliminating gnats is the use of lavender oil. This essential oil is a housewife dream since it can be used for many things in the house, but notably for getting rid of all kind of insects. Gnats and flies do not like the smell of lavender oil, so just mix it with water and spray in the house or put cotton wools with lavender oil in the home. Very easy and efficient. If you cannot find lavender oil at your local supermarket, though I’ve seen it at my local Kroger, you may try to use lavender spray as well.

Sometimes, you may found out that gnats come from inside the sink. A good idea is to pour oil in the sink so they will be trapped. While ammonia is another common solution, you may want to be careful not to damage the pipes by using it. Careful if you rent the house, as your landlord may not be happy you pouring this chemical into his pipes, it can damage them.

Gnats and Flies Trap Device

It works to trap gnats, flies, wasks, moths and generally most flying insects. It does not contain any odor and it can be used inside and outside your house.

Gnatrol Gnats Treatment

This is a natural gnats treatment. Very cheap and efficient to use.

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