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Best Baby Memory Books

Best Baby Memory Books
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babyrecordbook1How To Choose A Keepsake Baby Book?

There are many baby record books to choose from and everyone has their favorite. If this is the first time you have a baby and look for a memory book, it will be more difficult to choose the best one for your needs. You can buy first year memory books, five years record books which by the way, I prefer, some with lots of dates to record, others with more blank pages which are better for less busy moms who have time to write.

Best Rated Baby Memory Books-Click Here

If you don’t know that baby gender yet, a good idea is to buy a neutral baby book. Otherwise, there are some very cute baby records books for both boys and girls featuring teddies, elephants, flowers and small pictures frames in the front.

Before buying a baby record book, think and of other things you would like to keep from your baby for your whole life. Some people like to keep their first hair, hospital tags, first clothes from the hospitals, and memory cards. Besides the baby record book, you will also need a box to keep the record journal in and have room for other baby memorabilia as well. Some more expensive baby memory books sets contain all you need to record these precious little moments.

Cute Baby Record Books For Boys

Below are some cute baby memory books for boys. There are several brands to choose from such as Peppernot and Carter, but choose which one you like the most. I like very much the Hallmark brand baby keepsakes.

C.R. Gibson First 5 Years Memory Book Under The SeaC.R. Gibson First 5 Years Memory Book Under The SeaBaby First Year Memory BookBaby First Year Memory BookLil' Peach Train Baby Memory BookLil’ Peach Train Baby Memory BookC.R. Gibson First 5 Years Memory Book Boy Oh BoyC.R. Gibson First 5 Years Memory Book Boy Oh BoyBabyCute Baby Memory Album Book KeepsakeBabyCute Baby Memory Album Book KeepsakeOur Little Boy Baby's First Memory BookOur Little Boy Baby’s First Memory Book


Beautiful Baby Girls Record Books

Some Of The Best Rated Baby Girls Keepsakes To Choose From

There are lots of book models to choose from when it comes to baby memory books for girls. Obviously, most of them are pink, but you can also find more neutral ones. Some models, like the Silly Monkey Baby Girl keepsake book is a 5 years record book, plus it comes with a storage box as well.

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