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Best Home Remedies For Head Lice, Eggs and Nits

Best Home Remedies For Head Lice, Eggs and Nits
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licemeisterEveryone Can Catch Head Lice!

Head Lice? It can happen to anyone, especially if you have school kids. Using home remedies for head lice is not only recommended, but after spending hundreds of dollars of shampoos and other head lice treatments, you will also find out that they are the only one guaranteed to work. The exception are the prescription head lice medication for which the little bugs don’t have a resistance yet. Photo credit: LiceMeister on Amazon.com

Why Use Home Remedies For Head Lice

So, why use a simple home remedy such as nit combing when it easier just to apply an OTC head lice shampoo or any other treatment? Well, the short answer is that they do not really work. I’ve tried them and resort at the end of tearing wet combing which can be a nightmare when done it to yourself.

I don’t know where do you live, but here in UK, head lice is a big problem in schools and nurseries. So, best is to check your child head every week and catch the problem in its infancies. You don’t want your kids hair be full of head lice and eggs as it is more difficult to treat them later on.

Best Ever Home Remedy for Head Lice Is Nit Combing, Period.

How to do nit combing?

Firstly, you need a good quality head lice comb. By far, the best is Nit Free in US or Nitty Gritty as is known in UK. For ten bucks, you cannot get better and cheaper than this. There are off course other head lice combs on the market, but myself and other moms have found that they not really do the job as this particular one. Oh, and please throw away the plastic type ones as they are useless.

Secondly, take your normal hair conditioner and apply plenty on your hair. You could use baby oil instead, but conditioner is easier to wash, plus that it will leave your hair gorgeous.

You separate your hair and go step by step with the comb until you have finished all. Always wash the comb after each use.

If you thought once is enough you are wrong. You have to repeat this ordeal every two days as the comb takes mainly the lice and not really the eggs. Since the eggs do not hatch all at once, you need to do this for several weeks. Lots of trouble, I know.

You can use at first some kind of head lice shampoo or creme to kill off faster the eggs and combine this with wet combing. You should be able to get rid of these little buggers.

If you have long and/or curly hair the process of getting rid of lice is more difficult. So, a haircut may be needed.

Do Head Lice Shampoo Treatments Work?

There is this debate weather shampoos made for head lice work or not. Some skeptics think that there is no scientific prove that they work. Or that they work as any other shampoo. What they miss the point is that it is better to prevent head lice rather then trying to get rid of it afterwords. While the prices can be quite steep for a shampoo, some costing $30, there are cheaper ways to go about it. You can make your own shampoo: just buy any tea tree oil and mix it with your normal shampoo.

Other Alternative Treatments to Head Lice Products Control

There is no real scientific proof that those will get you head lice free, but nonetheless you can try them. Commonly, there are lots of ingredients which can help suffocate the nits. Note that the eggs can still be alive, hence the need of repeating the treatment after 7 days. This is the normal cycle of head lice eggs. This is the same as with OTC and prescription head lice products, they have to be repeated after 7 days to fully break the cycle of lice.

Common Home Remedies for Killing Head Lice are:

1. Mayonnaise
2. Petrolleum Gelly
3. Any oil such as olive oil, vegetable oil or even baby oil.

Those works by suffocating the louse, hence they need to be applied abundantly on the hair and massage the scalp as well. After that cover your hair with a shower cap. It needs to stay on your hair for 8 hours, hence it is better applied at night time. It’s pretty messy so better you cover your pillows and bed with a plastic shield and towels.

After the time has past, wash the hair thoroughly. Like with head lice cremes, you will need several washes to remove the grease from your hair.

Natural Treatments That Helps Stay Free Of Head Lice

Tea Tree Oil
Rosemary Oil
Lavender Oil
Neem oil.

All are ingredients found in preventing head lice shampoos or sprays. You can make your own head lice repellent, though.

Some mothers have sworn by the lavender oil. You simply mix it with water and spray your child hair every morning before going to school.

Do Straighteners Kill Head Lice?

Yes, they do.

Ok, so anyone nowadays have a pair of straighteners at home. Just make sure they are a good quality ones who don’t burn your scalp. Then just use it normally as if you would straighten your hair. It will kill all live lice. Some eggs may be still alive, so you need to repeat it every two-three days in case they hatch. This is a great way to kill head lice for yourself, since nit combing might be more difficult to do it yourself properly.

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