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Christening Dresses For Baby And Little Girls

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How To Choose A Christening Gown For Your Baby Girl?

Christening your child is a major event in your and child’s life. Choosing the best christening dress for your little girl is essential not only for looking good in pictures, but also for the smooth christening ceremonial. You don’t want your baby or toddler to cry because the gown is too tight or disturbs her in any way.

There are lots of models to choose from when it comes to christening gowns, especially if you look online. Most retail shops do not have good quality christening gowns, so it is best to look for specialized shops. Sometimes money can be tight, considering that a christening gown can run up to hundreds of dollars, so you may want to consider buying second-hand from online auctions.

How to choose a christening gown?

When it comes to choose a baby girl christening gown, the things are not that complicated compared with boys. Traditionally, you need a white dress and a white christening blanket. You can choose a traditional or modern style dress. In case of a baby, you may need a hat or bonnet and bib as well, plus the shoes.

An important factor when choosing the christening gown for girls is the fabric. You should choose a natural fabric as it is easier to breathe and your child won’t get sweat. Often in the church is warmer, as they have heating in winter and you may get your baby inconvenient. You should look for raw silk and 100% cotton.

It’s important to choose an outfit that can be easily open on the neck. During the ceremony, the priest has to place the mirr on her/his chest, so you have to open it easily.

Choosing the right size for your baby girl or toddler christening dress can be daunting. If you cannot try firsthand the gown, it is best to look at the size chart careful and measure your baby first before buying the outfit. Also check the condition on returning the product in case you buy it too small or too big.

How to preserve a christening gown?

Many proud mother would like to keep the gown for their grandchildren. You can purchase a christening preservation bag if you like or make your own from muslin. Because the christening dresses are made from delicate material and they are white, it is easy for it to get changed the color, this is why you should never cover them in paper, plastic bags or anything synthetic for that matter.

Always use cotton when choosing a cover for the gown.The storage place is also important when it comes to preserving your christening gown. You should choose an out-of-sight place that it maintains its temperature constant. For this reason, basements and attics are not a good fit.

Washing  baptism gowns are also a delicate matter. Normally, you should wash them by hand and avoid harsh detergents. Also, you should avoid drying them on metal hanger as these often leaves corroded stains on clothes. Best, put the gown on a cotton-padded hanger.



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