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Should You Buy Potty Training Underwear?

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photo(10)You can have some pull-up diapers and not deal with the mess, so why should you buy potty training pants?

I have invested in some Gerber training pants. And when I’ve received them , I was happy to see that the design looked very cute on my son.

Though, they are a little bit tight for his thighs, guess that just my son is bigger than average toddler out there. And I bought their biggest size, the 3T.

Now the burning question, does it leak?

After all this is why you buy them in the first place, hoping it will not make a mess on the floor, but still be wet enough so the kid learn when is wet and hopefully get tired of it and uses the potty.

Well, my expectations were blown by a full leak on the floor. Since I have tile floors downstairs, this was not really a big issue. Just hold my breath and mop the floor. But, on second floor, we do have carpet, plus on the stairs. And really, the thought of my son peeing on the carpet makes me dreadful. You cannot just hold the child not going upstairs because he has some potty training pants.

Another issue, but it could be my child, is that he gets used to been wet. No problem for him, so I don’t know, guess that time will tell how useful these are.

It may be about the brand you may say, but I am not convinced. The truth is that they are quite expensive, me I got lucky as I bought them on discounted price from Amazon, at 6 pants on a pack, but most of them are 3 pairs per pack. Plus, they are not easily found on retail stores, guess that selling push-ups diapers is more profitable.

Update: I was a little disappointed when first I’ve got them, but I must say I am not really now. He uses them everyday now. Off course, he needs a little bit training with them. At first, you may got everything going on the floor, then he starts to learn that these pants are not the same as his highly absorbant nappies, and he starts to hold his pee and go get the potty.

One thing that I don’t like about these cotton Gerber potty training pants is that they run quite tight for my son’s thighs. But my son is a little bit bigger for his age, so I’m sure a normal size child will do fine with them. Though quite thing the material, up to now haven’t broke after washing them daily.

Just noticed that Gerber also has waterproof potty training pants made from plastic. If you are worry about cotton ones leaking your floor, or maybe you simply have just carpet in your house, you could try Gerber plastic potty training pants. In a nutshell, these a good potty training underwear for boys.








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