Best Octonauts Toys For Pre-School Kids

Best Octonauts Toys For Pre-School Kids
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octonautsoctopodKids Love Octonauts Toys And Games

My kids love Octonauts and anything to do with them, either toys or games or books. Since watching them on Cbeebies, I often heard them saying “To The Rescue” in my home. Hence, they ask for Octonauts toys to pretend play at home. The Gups Series is great for pretend play. Also the Octopod is a great hit with kids.

Octonauts Octopod Playset

Read below how to get it in US

When it comes to Octonauts Octopods Playsets, it is important to look for the best prices around Since they have not released these in US yet, you have to ship them from UK even if you purchase them from amazon.com. The best way to get around is to buy it from the UK site version and pay the shipment to US.

Octonauts Action Figure Rescue Kit Peso & The Narwhal By Fisher Price



Octonauts Plush Toys

Here You Can Find Octonauts Plush Toys In US

I don’t really like to buy plush toys for my kids as they do not really like to play with them. However, some kids do love play with plush figures, hence the series of Octonauts Plush Toys.

You can now have your favourite Octonauts here as a plush toy: Peso, Kwazi, and Captain Barnacles.

Octonauts Gups Toys

See Kwazii, Barnacles and Mission Vehicle Play Sets

This toy feature Gup B Kwazi.


Captain Barnacles is another favorite toy for any Octonauts fan.

And off course, the Mission Impossible Vehicle couldn’t be missed. Now they are a little bit pricey to buy them all together, but any one of them would be a perfect present for any kid who loves Octonauts. And both boys and girls love their Octonauts.

Meomi Octonauts Series

The Meomi is none other than the authors and illustrators of the Octonauts book series, Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy. There are several story-books in octonauts series catered for 4 years old kids. Since the books illustrations are very colorful, I am sure smaller kids may enjoy the books as well.

You have The Only Lonely Monster, The Frown Fish, The Great Ghost Reef, The Sea of Shades, and The Big Great Ocean to choose from.

Octonauts Gup-C Shellington and Whale

One of the new toy release by Octonauts company is Gup-C featuring Shellington and Whale below.


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