Ever After High Dolls Names

Ever After High Dolls Names
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everafterlizzieheartsWho are Ever After Dolls?

This is a new series produced by Mattel as a continuation of Monster High Dolls. Ever After are the daughters and sons of famous airy tales characters that most of us parents and children have been grown up too. The role of characters is to continue the legacy of their parents. The Mattel released a special website for Ever After dolls, a series of short story books and some videos which can be watched on Youtube to get an idea of the characters and plots. In short, it’s about the old theme of good versus bad. Here it comes as Royals versus Rebels.

 Here Are The Main Characters of Ever After Movie:

Apple White– daughter of Snow White

Blondie Lockes– daughter of Goldilocks

Briar Beauty– daughter of sleeping beauty

Lizzie Hearts – daughter of queen of hearts, of British descent.

Duchess Swan daughter of Swan

Holly O’Hair daughter of Rapunzel

Faybelle Thorn daughter of wicked ferry godmother

Dexter Charming the only ever after boy character up to now, is the son of King Charming.

Raven Queenis the main character in the movie, daughter of Snow White.

Madeline Hatter is the daughter of Mad Hatter

Hunter Huntsman is the son of Huntsman from Snow White.

C.A. Cupid is the adoptive daughter of Eros, god of love. She was also in Monster High.

Cerise Hood is the daughter of Red Riding Hood and Bad Wolf.

Poppy O’Hair is the bad daughter of Rapunzel.


Below are the names of the Ever After High Dolls as they were released and can also be purchased on Amazon, not only Target or Toy R Us.

1. Ever After High Lizzie Hearts Doll

2. Ever After High Dexter Charming Doll

3. Ever After High Cedar Wood Doll

4. Ever After High Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair Doll

5. Ever After High Cerise Hood Fashion Doll

6. Ever After High Blondie Lockes Fashion Doll

7. Ever After High Thronecoming C.A. Cupid Doll

8. Ever After High Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella Doll

9. Monster High Casta Fierce Doll

10. Ever After High Madeline Hatter Doll

11. Ever After High Legacy Day Raven Queen Doll

Here are some samples of the dolls. Personally, I like them more than the new series of Monster High Dolls, the Freakie Fusion Dolls. Firstly, there are some very elegantly dressed dolls there, and most of them have more clothes on, to speak bluntly. For any toys and dolls collectors, I am sure you will just love the intrisect details of the Ever After dolls outfits.

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